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Ivy, Project Beneficiary

I wasn't doing anything before my training under God Cares. I had just written my form 4 exams but could not proceed further due to several challenges including finances. God Cares took me in and trained me in Plumbing at no cost. Right now, I can afford my daily basic needs because I do some independent work here and there. Even better, I got offered a job as a trainer. Not only did God Cares give me a skill that I am using for my livelihood, after I completed the training, they gave me a plumbing toolkit which I used to establish myself in the skill and trade.


John, Project Beneficiary

Growing up, money had always been an issue. When I reached form 2, we couldn't manage the school fees anymore and I became a drop-out. I was idle for a while. Then God Cares came and I got the opportunity to train in carpentry. As I am speaking right now, because of this training, I have been able to secure a full time job and I get paid monthly. I can carter for my basic needs and I hope that I am able to upgrade and find more opportunities to grow. 


Ruth, Youth Volunteer

God Cares Rights Foundation has been doing tremendous work over the years. To think that Agnes started this organization on a teacher's pension shows how powerful women are and how far we can go as human beings when we are really passionate about something. I hope that more people support God Cares because it has the ability, the vision, and drive to better the lives of women, children, and youth in Malawi.

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